Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cleaning begins

Amazing what a little bit of cleaning uncovers.

I wondered what happened to that Gap cardigan that I'd gotten Kelly when school started. There it was, under a laundry hamper filled with puzzles-missing-a-piece.

Ooh, and there's the egg separator that I was going to give to Ken for Christmas... last-last year.

And oh, the books I've uncovered. Wipe a little dust off the jackets (hey! That's what dust jackets are for, right?) and they're just like new and ready for the book exchange tomorrow night. I took a picture of the piles. Maybe I'll post it if I'm feeling techno-savvy later.

But what I've uncovered the most of, is clothing. Piles of random clothing. All needing laundering. Oh, maybe it was clean, but it'd been in the witness protection program long enough that it needed a good bath, just to get the cobwebs out. Literally.

Five loads, people.

And that's just MY room. Oh, I'm ashamed to even mention it.

And of course, things are grinding to a halt as I find old knitting books, and bits of my stash that really shouldn't be THERE, they should be over there, or there, or even THERE. And the ADD in me picks up a ball of yarn, and walks around with it, picking up a pile of underwear to put away, and adding to it, a necklace that should go in Kelly's room, and a single rubber boot, and a book of crossword puzzles, and a few receipts that really SHOULD get shredded first, and the next thing I know, things are worse than when I started.

Am I crazy to think I can have that room painted by Saturday afternoon?

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