Thursday, February 16, 2006

Showdown at the Olympic Village

Showdown at the Olympic Village 2/16/2006
It would appear that the Cleaning Fairies and Cooking Fairies at the local Olympic Village have gone on strike. Or maybe they're just mad that I'm not speaking Italian to them.

So today, it's time to get this Olympic Pig Sty back into shape.

  • Dishwasher is going.
  • Kitchen counters are next.
  • Butternut squash is in the oven, baking, so I can turn it into soup for supper
  • I saw an ant. But just one. That makes me happier than it should. I should be creeped out by an ant, but all I can think is "woot! It's solo!" (while I squish that little sucker into a smudge)
  • Three loads of laundry are folded.
  • Another load is drying
  • Another is in the washer
  • A good Olympic event will be the 2000 metre stair climb, as I put everything back upstairs.
  • Someone please tell the ClassicYarn soft tweed to stop looking so alluring
  • [I almost said "stop looking so positively delicious", but stopped myself. I'm still a little skeeved by yesterday's comment. (even though Ken said I deserved it)]
  • Nate will be competing in the Marathon Caterpillar (machine) Documentary Watching event while I go for the gold.
And, as an observation: When one of your kids spills a box of Valentine's Day Nerds on the floor, it creates a surface that is dangerously slippery in a 'floor full of ball bearings' kind of way.

I'm just sayin'...

I did check my reflection in the mirror as I walked out the front door this morning.

Yup. Lipstick in place.

Maybe a non-creepy person might tell me I look delicious today. Heh.

You know, the funny thing is this: Yesterday, I woke up, looked at my hair, and thought "Good grief, THIS IS IT! I am going out and getting a hair cut. This is atrocious. I'm the hairdo love-child of Camilla Parker-Bowles and Keith Partridge!"

And while I'm at Nate's Kindergarten Try-out day, the Principal's wife comes up to me and says how great I look, and what am I doing differently.

Then I get the "You're looking positively delicious" comment from the creepy dad at Kelly and Skip's school.

Then, at Skip's band concert last night, another mom comes up to me out of the blue, and says she's never seen my hair looking better, and how it really flatters my features this way.

What. Are. The. Odds?????

Needless to say, I didn't go out of my way to get a haircut today.

I guess this would be a bad time to back out of volunteering to take the class group picture (from the school's ROOF!) that's scheduled to happen in... tick, tick, tick... four hours and fifty-one minutes.

If you don't hear from me by tomorrow morning, you'll know that I got blown off the roof, and something BAD happened. Either that, or I ran off and joined the circus.

Kelly has a play-date coming over today after school (and after I take that infernal photo from the roof of the school).

Of course, seeing as it's going to be this little girl's first time visiting, I feel the need to make things ship-shape (ooh, maybe that's my motivation for all this mid-Olympics cleaning? And here I thought I was just avoiding Olympic Blankie) around here. Kelly's room really could use the liberal application of a bull-dozer. And Skip's? I think we should just move, and start over. I don't even know where to start with that one. Maybe I'll just close his door and lock it and tell the girls not to go near it.

(seriously, I SWORE I would never be one of THOSE kinds of housekeepers when I grew up! What happened to me?)


I'll do some ironing now.

Ken needs some more Hawaiian shirts to choose from for tomorrow. (Every Friday, he wears one of those loud shirts to work. Kind of a tradition, started by one of his friends back at his Old Company. I hear the tradition is catching on at New Hip Company, too)

Speaking of New Hip Company!

I'm on some list of Secret Testers for some of the new stuff that'll be hitting the market in the near future.

And can I just say "WHOA!"

it's killing me that my lips are sealed, but this stuff RAWKS!

Trust me, the MINUTE I can spill the beans about this stuff, y'all will be the first to know.

All that's needed now is for New Hip Company to design a "Very Safe Place Reminder Button" for our computers, and I'll be set. Just think about it! I could click a button, and the computer would say "what did you put away for SAFE KEEPING?", and I could just scroll down the list, and it'd say "Oh, silly. Didn't you look in the cupboard over the washing machine?" or "If you've asked me once, you've asked me a thousand times. Go check in the drawer under the toaster oven!"

Which reminds me, I've put a few of our important tax documents somewhere... I should start looking for those while I'm putting away the laundry. Four loads down, two to go.

And then Olympic Blankie will get some attention.

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