Thursday, February 09, 2006

Scholastic Follies

Scholastic Book Order Follies 2/9/2006
I swear, this year has been the year where Every. Last. Book. Order. has had something wierd going on. And it's all OTHER PEOPLE'S FAULT.

Yeah... well, except for the fact that I'm starting to DREAD phoning in these orders, and so I put them off, and THEN I find out that folks have screwed up their orders, so I have to call them, and they wonder why I'm just calling them NOW, when they sent in their order before the order deadline, which was weeks earlier... which makes me want to call them less... oh, the slippery slope.

Anyways, I already mentioned the first 5th grade order.

Wherein ONE mother wrote a cheque to the PTA (the book order letter I send home with EACH set of orders says "Please write a cheque to SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUBS), one mother wrote a cheque for half the amount she owed for the order (paying on the installment plan? Or just having a Math Moment? Because yeah, I have those, too) and a third mother, sheesh, what did she do? Oh, and then the mom who taped DIMES to a piece of cardboard, and sent it in for her son's order. But I digress.

This week's seen two Book Order follies.

First: Skip brought home a book order in his backpack on Monday. It had twelve dollars stapled to the front of the catalogue booklet.

Say what?

Ah, it's from Julie. Her mom tallied up her order, and rounded up (that was nice of her). Unfortunately, Scholastic does NOT accept cash. Oh, and she wanted to sign up for one of the Scholastic Clubs. The clubs are monthly deliveries to your house. Hmmm. What do you think you need to fill out to have things sent to your house?

Maybe the part of the form that says "Please fill out your address HERE if you want to join the Clubs"? Those lines were blank. Oh, and the other part of the form that says "A parent's signature is required HERE, to process the Club Membership"? That was blank, too. Oh, there was a parent's signature on the form... on the FRONT of the form.... ? What? Does me no good there.

So I had to write a letter to Julie's mother, explaining how to do this. This woman is a BANKER! Remind me not to go to her if I want to renew my mortgage.

And today? This morning I decided I'd put off phoning in Kelly's class order, so I pulled out all those envelopes, and started tallying up the forms.

Now how did I manage to be six dollars short?

Argh. I added things up and double re-added them (on my trusty cell-phone-calculator), and finally found the glitch. Emily's mom had made a little math error. Happens all the time. But now, because I've been so lax about putting in the order (I made the order deadline THREE weeks ago. What was I thinking?), I'm embarrassed about talking to her about the $5.90 that she owes me.

I'm THIS close to just eating that, and calling it a Late Filing Fee. A penalty on me for being such a sloth.

But otherwise, the order is in, and I'm rewarding myself with a little tour around online.

Tell me, can you see this little Knitting Olympics badge?

I'm fooling around with a new hosting thingy, and I don't know if I'm stashing my images in the right place, yet.
(some of you couldn't see it on my last entry... oh wait. Duh. I think I pulled the image off the editing page... that might be the problem. Dur)

As you were.

My drapes are all creased, with those 'fresh from the package' criss-cross folds. Time to pop them in the dryer with a wet towel.

And I still haven't found the laser level.

Maybe I'll take pictures of my swatches instead.

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