Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm a Crafthlete

I'm a crafthlete 2/10/2006
I think that the Olympic Flame has already been lit in Torino. What with the time-zone things, and all that. It must be nearly 8 or 9pm there.

And that means I get to start my Knitting Olympic Project.

Of course, last night I couldn't wait, so while I was watching CSI, I secretly cast on...

And then had to rip out the 155 cast-on stitches, because I hadn't made my long tail long enough, and I ran out of cast-on yarn with 12 stitches to go.


That'll teach me.

And wasn't that the cringe-worthiest episode in a while? Those ghostly images of that woman in her undies, handcuffed in that basement? *shudder* I didn't need to see that. But of course, I watched, anyways.

After taking Kelly to school this morning (Ken was kind enough to pull early-duty, and take Skip in for his early-hour Senior Band rehearsal), I took Nate down to Home Desperate, so I could snag two wooden dowels, to use as curtain rods, for the side linen panels, which I was GOING to hang on the second EXTRA-LONG curtain rod that I got from Ikea, which turned out to be Not-So-Extra-Long. I think having short rods on the sides will look better anyways, so ptooey on my bad shopping of Monday.

Question: Do you think I measured the spaces where the new curtain rods needed to be?

If you answered with a resounding "no!", you'd be RIGHT!

Why do I do this to myself?

I'd eyeballed it. And stood in the space with my arms out to my sides. Wasn't that good enough?

And besides, how many different sizes of dowels COULD there be, anyways?

Someone shoot me now.

I knew the 2 foot long ones were not going to work. Three? That looked too short, too. Four? Well, that's barely longer than Nate is tall. Surely I need something bigger than that...?

Next size? Six Feet!

Well, at least they won't be TOO SHORT, I say to myself, as I'm patting my back all the way through the check-out ($2.75 each! Woot!)

Good grief! I think I needed the 3 foot ones. The 6-footers are just comedic. I'll have to take the hack-saw to them... if I can find it in the garage.

Oh, and I'd like to just cry on one other front.

I ironed the linen panels.

And then I realized I needed to hem them.

Which involved threading them onto the dowels, putting the dowels up on the rod-hangers, holding the dowels, as I take the screw-driver to the little holding-screws on the rod-hangers so the dowels will drop INTO the rod-hangers (and could I have put the dowels DOWN while I did this? Apparently not), dropping the dowels into the rod-hangers, smoothing out the panels, pinning the hem, taking the rods down, and then realizing that all that futzing around had made the panels EVEN MORE WRINKLY THAN WHEN THEY CAME OUT OF THE PACKAGES!!!!!

And here I thought I'd be putting up those curtains, taking a picture of my new zen bedroom, posting it (because why TAKE a picture if I'm not going to share it with you?), and then REWARDING myself with 5 or 6 rows of knitting on my Olympic Baby Blanket.

How much knitting have I done this morning?


But thanks for asking.

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