Friday, February 03, 2006

First Coat

First coat 2/3/2006
OK, the primer's on everything except half of the wall that the bed's against. Only because I am lazy, and piled everything on the bed in the early stages of painting, and now I'm saying "GAH! I have to move that bed, and it's piled high with a hundred thousand pounds of precariously piled JUNK." So I am taking a break so my stinky armpits can air out, and my burning arm muscles can regain a bit of composure.

And having an iced tea.

Why did I pile all that stuff on THE BED?

Yeah, that's foresight for you.

Anyways. The primer trip was successful, if SLOW. Apparently, with the fog and mist, every last person who was going to get in an accident in February chose THIS MORNING to do it. I've never seen all the major arteries clogged like they were this morning. It took me nearly half an hour just to get to Home Depot. I think that's 6 miles. Maybe 8.

So much for getting the primer on before I had to be working in the library at Kelly's school.

But now we're back on track. Mostly. I completely forgot that Nate had a gymnastics class this morning. It starts in 3 minutes. Shhhh. I've got him watching Rolie Polie Olie. This way, I bet I can get the primer on all the walls before noon. I still have to do all the freakin' edging, though. Golly, that's gonna be a pain in the backside. And when did my bedroom develop all these nooks and crannies? It's gonna take forever. That's the afternoon's job.

Then I can still be putting on a coat of paint in the afternoon, and finish up when I get home from the wine party and book exchange tonight. I'll sleep in the family room. Or maybe I'll just creep into Kelly's bed at 2am. She'd never notice.

I found a few more books for the book exchange. Things are looking good in the 'purge' department. And I haven't even gotten to looking under the bed yet. I wonder what literary gems got lost under there. They'll come to light as soon as I finish this second glass of iced tea, when I go up there to carefully move the bed away from the wall.

Oh, golly! And on my next break, I have GOT to document more Scholastic Book Order idiocy!
(a little bit of foreshadowing, there. Heh)

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