Friday, February 03, 2006

Primer 2/3/2006
Yup. I'm gonna need primer.

I've slapped a coat of Manatee on two of the blue walls, and it's just not gonna work. Even in the foggy greyness of early morning, the colour's not right.

And I'm already behind schedule, because Ken was kind, and stayed home long enough to take Skip to band practice at 7:30 this morning. I was expecting him to be gone 45 minutes earlier. That'd have been the time window when I should have be emptying the room of all the detritus (didn't want to do too much last night to tip my hand, now, did I?). Now I'm scrambling.

I think there's a big enough window between taking Kelly to school, and working in the library that I can swing by Home Depot and grab a gallon of primer. I actually went into the garage late last night, and looked at all the leftover paint from the painting of the other rooms, wondering if one of those tins was light enough to work as a primer. No such luck. And I just (this week!) dried out and discarded the tin of white that I'd used on the garage door in 2004, or I could've used that. So it's off to school, off to Home Depot, and back to school, before I start the REAL painting. I hope to have the first coat done by lunch.

But I did want to just pop on here to mention that the ball was now rolling.

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