Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympic Blankie Watches the Opening Ceremonies

Olympic Blankie watches the Opening Ceremonies 2/11/2006
OK, could someone explain to me why I'm tearing up like a pregnant-woman-watching-a-Kodak-commercial, over the lighting of the Olympic Flame????


Skip left at 5:30 this morning on a Snow Day with the church youth group. That meant getting him ready to go, right? I thought it'd be nigh unto impossible to get up in the morning. Ken set his cell-phone alarm. I set my cell-phone alarm.

We should've just set the Nate Alarm.

Nate woke up screeching at 5:10 this morning.

Bad dream? Kicked off the blankets and was cold? Fell out of bed and scrambled back under the covers before I could get to him? I'll never know. At least his pyjama pants were still dry.

And then I was up. Got Skip up 5 minutes early. He was *ahem* thrilled. Oh yeah. I think he came >this< close to asking if he could just stay home. He does mornings as well as his daddy. Ken and Skip got out the door a few minutes early. Woot!

So what does one do, then, when one is up at 5:30am?

Why, one phones one's best friend, and tries to pretend to be an annoying telemarketer WHILE knitting, and watching the Olympic opening ceremonies, which one had the foresight to record the night before.

After the casting-on debacle of Thursday night, I managed to make a good recovery while watching Nate's gymnastics class on Friday, so by the time the opening ceremonies were on TV (tape delayed. I didn't start knitting until the flame had been lit REAL time, though by the time I SAW the flame lit, I was already well underway). I didn't take any pictures last night, as I couldn't remember where I'd put the camera.

But this morning, once I'd gotten my second wind (and Nate had gotten up, complained about his tummy, curled up on the couch with me while I knit, and then suddenly looked at me with his "I'm going to throw up" face, and we'd gone running into the bathroom in the NICK of time), I hunted down the camera, and took some shots of Blankie watching the Olympics.

Those renaissance balls were pretty wild. Blankie seemed unimpressed.

Sorry, Sophia. I don't care that you're an icon at 71. You still can't have my Olympic Blankie. Look at how she's eyeing those cashmere stripes!

Oh, but when the acrobats came out, and took to the vertical stage, goodness, did Blankie sit up and take notice.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated the amount of the darker plum yarn that I'm gonna need, so as soon as I get the kitchen cleaned up, I'm going to head down to the LYS and snag another skein. At least I'll get my member discount...

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Nakiru said...

Hello from Church Friend.
I'm taking a break from my random acts of charity and mercy to check out Naomi's friends . . .
I LOVE the way that yarn looks . . . that must have been some mighty expensive cotton. I'm making some socks right now, and to jazz them up I put in cables. However I've had my share of misadventures with cable lengths (I hope no real knitters ever see these) mostly because I refuse to follow patterns. Yay for personality!
Anyway. I hope my blog doesn't bore you to tears in the end . . . :-)