Thursday, February 14, 2008

Annnnnnnd... she fainted

Because today is one of those days where everything has to fall into place or the house of cards comes tumbling down, and coordinating almost depends completely on keeping in touch with folks at the next event...

THIS would be a good time to lose my cell phone.

DEMMET!  (if I may be allowed to use some of my 'sewing language')

I know I had it when I left the house yesterday.  It was in the pocket of my jacket.

I know that it wasn't in my pocket when I got home after school.

It was fully charged, so it's not just lying dead and idle in the bottom of my purse... but I did check that first.

I walked around the house phoning it while the kids were doing homework.  No go.

I had Ken phone me while I rooted through the car.  No go.

There are a few places that i can check today.  I made 2 grocery-store trips yesterday.  I filled up at Chevron.  I was at Skip's school, and Kelly's school, in the library and the office AND her classroom.  I went to Michael's for craft supplies for Kelly's Class' Valentine's Day Party today and Nate's 100th Day of School party today.  I went to K-mart to grab Valentine's Day goodies for Skip to take in to his English class (egads, I've gotta find those and put them in the car for today's marathon of running-between-schools).  And every one of those places might be the place where that slippery little phone jumped out of my pocket.

Sigh.  Just thinking about the back-tracking I should do is making me tired.

So here's a little shot of what kept me up until nearly midnight last night.

Betsy needed a new bonnet.

It would've taken much less time, but I put it together inside out the first time.  Yes.  Yes, I did.

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