Thursday, February 28, 2008

It could be worse

About the passports?

I think I am finally calm about things because I know that as of Monday, I'd done everything humanly possible to ensure that Skip could get his passport.  There was no more of this "I'm sure there's something ELSE I should do" worry, that is really the thing that eats me from the inside out.   And everyone that could pray about this, HAS prayed, and continues to pray, and hey, it's out of my hands. 

So there.

And Skip seems remarkably sanguine about things, especially last night, when, while we were out at Kung Fu, and the eleventy-third person asked us the same thing about France and the missing passport, and I said "Well, either we all go, or Ken takes the little ones, and we send Skip to Ireland for the summer."  Sheesh, you should've seen the grin on his face.

Who needs France, anyways?

Of course, that'll put a nearly permanent kink in the yarn budget...

But, anyways, all this to say that things are good on the passport front, even though Skip's passport isn't around, and we have no idea when it'll show.

Besides, it could be worse:

Nate's teacher?  She's flying to Seattle today, renting a car, and driving up across the Canadian border.  She has to, because she's Canadian, and the Immigration Lawyers have been working for more than a year and a half to renew her visa to stay here to teach, and something's glitched in the Visa-Granting department of the USA (good to see that it's not just the Canadian Bureaucratic Machine that sometimes throws a cog), and her visa, which expired last June, FINALLY wore out its welcome on Monday, after the 240 days of grace that are allowed at the end of a visa, and her lawyer very apologetically said that the only way to fix things is for her to cross BACK into the US from Canada, and the process would take about an hour, and then she'd have her brand new shiny visa, so she can get her paycheck TOMORROW, because the school can't LEGALLY pay her, now that her visa's officially expired.

So yeah, it could be worse.

I'll be driving her to the airport after recess.

And then I'll be heading north towards the ONLY Barnes and Noble in the area that is currently carrying this book:

Because Skip is a math nerd, and he *NEEDS* this book, so he can get a better grip on Calculus.

*cough*just like his father*cough*

And on the way home, I was going to stop at a yarn store, and look for fingering-weight  yarn in a zillion colours, so I could make my palette for knitting up Venezia, but I did a bit of math last night, and I have come to a conclusion.

I need to go on a Venezia Diet.

You see, right now, I measured my hips, where I want the bottom of the sweater to lie, and, ahem, apparently I lost my girlish no-hips figure somewhere along the way in the last 18 years. and the thought of casting on THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR stitches (and then knitting for miles and miles on those same NEARLY FOUR HUNDRED STITCHES) made me just a little bit faint.

*fans self*

So I'm going to do a test-swatch (always a good idea, ANYWAYS) with a few different types of yarn that I have kicking around, and just see if this is something that I want to devote a good portion of my adult life to creating.

And while I am doing that, I will feverishly head to the gym, and use the elliiptical machines until they break down, and eat  only fruit and raw vegetables and water (and chocolate and chips and coke and cheese - the 4 C-food groups), and measure myself religiously until I can get under the 350 stitch barrier.

[edited to add:  Oh whew.  Apparently dyslexia, when mixed with an inability to find the reading glasses, can play tricks on what one sees.  Who knew?  Turns out that the frightening number of cast on stitches is only 324.  So now, I want to get under the magic THREE HUNDRED stitch barricade.  Because knitting TWO HUNDRED and something sounds WAY EASIER than knitting THREE HUNDRED and something...]

Today is Taco day at Middle School.  See me there, making 650 tacos from 11:30-12:00, then I'll be off to lunch with the ladies of  my former church.  One of them had chaperoned the Disneyland trip several years back, so I'll be picking her brain for ideas.

Then it's off to Kelly's school library, and more work in the school office (I am going to make myself so indispensible that they will HAVE to make room for Nate in next year's first grade class), and then tutor.

Oh, and Cole (Skip's friend) was sick the entirety of Ski Week.  He came down with a nasty flu on the first day of break, and spent the entire week (and the first two days of school this week) in bed.  Just in time for school to start up, he gave his sister the flu, so now, even though he's weak, his mom is trying to keep him out of the infection zone, so he doesn't get hit again.  "Oh, Kemma, can you take Cole after school today?  K-thanks"

It's not as bad as that.  I did offer to help.  But good golly, miss Molly, he'd BETTER not still be contagious.  So after school, I'll be taking the boys to Kung Fu, then making supper (oh look, it's already in the crock pot), then taking the boys to youth group while Ken and Kelly go off to the Stanford Basketball game (Ken got tickets from a friend who can't go tonight.  I hope the game's really exciting!).

And then I will be casting on a Venezia Swatch.

Count on it.

Or, as Zach Ephron sings... Bet on it (bet on it, bet on it, bet on it)

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