Friday, February 22, 2008

Why I love the DHL man

The doorbell just rang.

Ooh, excitement! It's the DHL man! And he's got a little envelope.

When I got to the door, I was grinning like a fool, and so was he.

"You know, someone in Canada really hacked your address" he said, as way of greetings, "Good thing I recognized your name, and thought to myself "Self, I bet this is the other passport that they're waiting for!" or you would never have gotten this envelope."

And with that he handed me the envelope, addressed to me at the VERY Canadian address of :


Now, many Canadians will look at this address and say "Hey, that's a perfectly good Quebec city, and a wonderful name for a street."

But that is NOT the name of my street. In fact, it's not the name of ANY street in my neighbourhood, my town, or my county. Probably not even in my State.

I gave the DHL guy a heads-up that the envelope he'd delivered on Wednesday had contained Skip's REJECTED passport, and let him know that we were hoping and praying that he would be visiting our house again in the next 2 weeks with one last envelope.

He told me he'd keep his eyes open for it for me.

I love my DHL man.

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