Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hello Betsy. Redux

Skip and I went out for lunch today with neither of the other siblings.

Because we could.

He decided that maybe the spicy tuna roll wasn't all THAT spicy, so the waiter said "Would you like some spicy sauce?"   Of course, he said "Sure!"

The spicy sauce?  It does not lie.

Meanwhile Kelly, in her alternate identity as Betsy Ross was having a par-tay of her own back in Third Grade.

Oh, and did I mention that there was a prize for the best costume?

Ahem.  There was a prize for the best costume.

Hmm.  I wonder who won it?

Betsy, I'm pretty darned proud of your costume, if I do say so myself.

Pride goes before a fall, though.

Seems I ate a bad ebi at the sushi place at lunch, and I was rewarded with the Ninja Squirts while Skip was at Kung Fu.

But then again, silver lining... the frantic 20 minute drive home was like one long isometric exercise, and my butt has never been so well toned.

Sorry. You didn't need to know that.

Here.  To assuage my guilt, I give you a little tour of how things will be soon in your own garden, if you're one of those trapped-in-the-ice beloved friends of mine.

Soon the sun will shine, and the ground will thaw, and you will be rewarded.

And lest you think that I live in a paradise, I give you my well-decorated Front Porch.

Yup.  The Halloween Pumpkin is now masquerading as the Valentine's Gourd, and the dried-and-crispy wreath from Christmas?  It's the  President's Day Potpourri!

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