Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DHL. Sorry we missed you.

Skip and Kelly are off school this week.

So don't call Child Protective Services, but I left them at home this morning with long lists of "this is what you need to do before you play on the computers", while I went off to the Travel Agent to pick up the airplane tickets and the rental car agreement (for Marseilles!  Did you know they have car rental places in Marseilles?  Yeah, I'm easily amused, and, of course, ridiculously naive in thinking that exotic places like the South of France wouldn't have station wagons or SUVs for the tourists to drive rough-shod across their verdant expanses), and then went out for lunch with a girlfriend.

And what happened while I was away?

DHL came for a visit.

That would be DHL Worldwide Shipping Express...

With an envelope addressed to Skip Parker, requiring a signature.

Unfortunately, when Skip answered the door, the delivery dude said "I'll need your dad to sign for this..." so I've got this lovely "DHL:  Sorry we missed you!  We'll call back tomorrow"  sticker on my desk.

Hmm.  I wonder what might be in that envelope.

It's coming from Ottawa, Ontario...

I will say, though, that this worries me a bit.  While this envelope MAY contain Skip's passport, my credit card was never CHARGED for the processing of his passport.  So, the pessimist in me says "All this envelope contains is the rejected forms for his passport, and we're screwed."

Oh, the joys of being a pessimist.

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.

Yesterday, thanks to Dead Presidents, Ken had the day off work, and we pulled Nate from school to have a Family Adventure.

We headed off to a place we'd never been before.

The North Bay.

Mount Tamalpais, to be exact.

What a great place.  And the weather was foggy and iffy at home, but lovely up in the North Bay.

And there were cyclists everywhere, thanks to the Tour de California.  We seemed to hit a sweet spot on the tour, in that everywhere we drove, we saw lots of traffic-director types, with the orange vests, and the big tickets on lanyards around their necks, but there was no traffic hold-ups anywhere.  I think we were just ahead of the rush of bikers.

We started at Stinson Beach, watching the surfers.

And I couldn't get enough of the signs everywhere (of course, I didn't take a picture.  Odd!) that said "BEWARE!  Great White Sharks inhabit these waters.  Surf at your own risk"

Seriously!?  When I was growing up, the thought NEVER crossed my mind that I'd be living in a place with signs like that.  I was thinking my type of "local signage" would be something like "Beware, Falling Ice", or "Moose Crossing".

After a bit of beach time, we went up Mount Tam for a random hike.  Pulled into the first parking lot we found, and took the first trail.

Ooh.  Wildlife!

Ooh.  Scenery!

Ooh!  Rocks to climb!

Ooh, random tourists who offer to take a family shot!

And then, once we were all hiked out, we went back to Stinson Beach for lunch, and had the BEST LUNCH EVER at a place called the Parkside Cafe.  Srsly!  Best.  Food.  Evah!  All three kids licked their plates clean.  And we've got picky kids.

Ooh, look!  Spring is right around the corner.

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