Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On hold with Passport Canada

After chatting with the 'emergency toll free number' person in Quebec (found on the list of consulates online) who told me they can't do anything until I hear from the consulate, and then after calling the consulate in San Francisco, and getting an answering machine (with the very helpful message of "due to heavy inquiry volume, calls may not be returned for 24-48 hours"), I took all the kids down to Walgreens, where a very helpful gent did a re-take of a most somber Skip (and did it for free when I said the last photo was rejected), now I am on hold with Passport Canada.

(Interesting aside: When you call the 1-800 number for passports, you're given a 4-item menu, and you can ONLY choose between those 4 things. Then, if you choose one of those, you get a very bland automated voice that tells you stuff that you can read for yourself on the web site! Boring. BUT! If you hit 0 0 0, you'll get punted to a real switchboard, and that's where I am now...)

Ooh. There are... 3 callers ahead of me.


There is ONE caller ahead of me....

I am the NEXT caller to be answered....

Back in a jiff... Yay!

Oh crap.

"Well, I am sorry, but all you can do is you can re-submit the application, and it will take six weeks."

Yeah, that's really helpful. But there's a different address to submit the re-submitted passport to, and MAYBE that will get dealt with faster. AND! She gave me an idea. She said if I already have the plane tickets (I DO!), that I should photocopy the ticket, and attach it WITH A LETTER on the application, and it might get processed faster.

Excuse me, I'm off to write a heart-string pulling letter to go along with this re-submitted application.

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