Friday, February 15, 2008

My Pet Book

Nate came home from school today with his first published book.

He's pretty darned proud of it.

I am too.

Here's the text

Title: My Pet Book [so I'm thinking "hmm. A book about pets?" Oh, au contraire!]

I have a pet book
He is wild.
He has arms.

He does sign language.
I ride him to school!

He eats soap and toys, but not cards.
He can change to being small.

He only plays "Gulp!" with me.

He is like a flying carpet.
I can read him when I am riding on him.

by Nate.

OK, I know it's no pulitzer, but good golly, I'm pretty proud of the kid. And his imagination. Which he doesn't get from me. Ok, maybe he does.

Now it's off to Kung Fu for all 3 kids, and then a special seminar for Nate on Lion Dancing after supper.

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