Monday, February 25, 2008

Skip Bakes

Although I didn't let Mr. Health Teacher know about these, there are 2 more videos up on MeTube.  It took ages and forever-ages to upload them last night, but now they're up, and Mr. Julia Child is ready for his close-up, Mr. Demille.

Then again, with the Puberty Skin getting ready to hit with a vengeance, maybe a close-up isn't the way to go. (J:  that white bottle behind Skip's right elbow with the purple label... or rather, that white bottle with the purple label behind Skip's right elbow... is going to go out in the mail to you...sooner than later, I hope)

How about some rice.  Every bachelor should know how to make rice.

And with that, I am off to bed.  I was going to finish the ironing, but that's just torture.

ps.  Did you know that you cannot apply for a Quebec birth certificate online UNLESS YOU LIVE IN QUEBEC?  Isn't that convenient?  And if you DO apply for one from, say, the United States, you can expedite it for $50, but all that does is make them shuffle the papers a little faster.  They will still RETURN IT BY REGULAR MAIL.  And you can FAX in your application, but they don't recommend it, because they can REJECT an application if the faxed documents don't look legitimate.  Joy.  So let's review.  I can apply for Skip's birth certificate (an EMERGENCY REPLACEMENT), and their recommended way of doing things is for us to MAIL the application in (so they can vet all the documents), and pay EXTRA to expedite the process (so that it takes a week, rather than months), and then they will MAIL it back to me.  Doing the math, I come to the stomach-churning conclusion that the new EMERGENCY REPLACEMENT birth certificate should arrive right around the time we are supposed to RETURN from France.

I'm off to find some Tums.  I've been going through them like candy these days.

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